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Posts tagged "Sexual Harassment"

Discrimination reported by women who worked at Google

Some women in Pennsylvania who work in technical careers may have followed the story of the Google employee who was fired for releasing a document saying that women inherently had less ability to work in tech. Several women who used to work for Google have since come forward to report facing discrimination at the company. They also say that they felt their long-term prospects for a career there were poor. Racism and ageism were issues along with sexism.

One claim sufficient for sexual harassment lawsuit

Pennsylvania employers may want to take heed and follow the outcome of a May ruling on sexual harassment by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit. These types of claims generally fall under two categories, quid pro quo and hostile working environment. The ruling makes it clear that allegations do not have to specify the category in order for that category to be investigated by the EEOC. The specifics of the case may shed light on the broader meaning of the ruling.

Few women report sexual harassment, EEOC says

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a third of female workers in Pennsylvania and throughout the U.S. experienced sexual harassment on the job in 2016. Furthermore, 75 percent of women said they did not talk to a manager or union representative about the harassment. Professional retaliation, not being believed or being blamed for the incident were all reasons they cited for not reporting the harassment. Gender equality is an issue as well, and women report being paid and promoted less than men.

Agricultural workers claim severe sexual harassment

Pennsylvania workers might wonder what kinds of actions constitute illegal sexual harassment by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. A court takes a number of elements into consideration when it decides if harassment has taken place. Among these are the frequency and severity of the actions, whether the harassment interferes with an employee's performance, and if the act is humiliating or physically threatening.

Workplace sexual harassment and how companies respond

Employees in Pennsylvania who face sexual harassment on the job might want to try to resolve the issue in their workplace. However, some workplaces do not have an effective system for investigating and dealing with workplace harassment. In fact, some companies are more concerned with protecting themselves. One attorney reports that a corporate lawyer in charge of sexual harassment policies told him on the stand in court that his job was primarily to protect the company. Some companies also use the reporting system for harassment and discrimination as a way to get an early warning about potential lawsuits.

Jewelry company employees allege pervasive sex discrimination

Jewelry stores operated by Sterling Jewelry Co. offer shoppers at malls in Pennsylvania and around the country romantic gifts, but the claims of current and former employees have painted a picture of widespread sexual discrimination against women at the company. Since 2008, the company has been addressing the complaints through arbitration. At first, over a dozen women alleged that the company treated women unfairly. In 2013, attorneys for the women asked to expand the arbitration to a class action that included 69,000 people.

Handling harassment from third parties

Workplace sexual harassment is against the law in Pennsylvania, but it unfortunately still occurs. Employers are required to keep their workplaces free from discrimination and harassment and protect workers who are victims of either. While most employees are aware that sexual harassment at work is illegal, they may not understand what to do when the harasser is someone who holds an important contract with the company.

Fast-food industry rife with sexual harassment problems

Pennsylvania women who work in the fast food industry might face sexual harassment at their workplaces. Hart Research Associates surveyed 1,217 women around the country of the age of 16 and older during the week of July 22 through July 27. The women all worked in non-managerial fast-food jobs.

Sexual harassment at Fox News was not reported for years

Pennsylvania residents who have watched Fox News over the years were probably unaware of sexual harassment at the channel until very recently. That's because female employees at Fox who felt that they were being harassed by Roger Ailes, the former CEO, took many years to report the alleged harassment. After several women complained, Ailes resigned from his position at the channel.

Sexual discrimination in advertising widespread

Pennsylvania residents may be familiar with research indicating that sexual discrimination is still a major problem for many female workers, and one such study was published by the American Association of Advertising Agencies on Aug. 11. The trade group surveyed 400 advertising industry women, and more than half of them reported that they had endured sexual discrimination in some shape or form on one or more occasions.