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October 2016 Archives

Workers can sue if they are fired during FMLA leave

Eligible workers in Pennsylvania and around the country have a legally protected right to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid time off from their jobs in order to deal with a family or medical issue. If an employer interferes with a worker's decision to take leave or punishes them for taking leave, the employer could be sued for employment discrimination under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Fast-food industry rife with sexual harassment problems

Pennsylvania women who work in the fast food industry might face sexual harassment at their workplaces. Hart Research Associates surveyed 1,217 women around the country of the age of 16 and older during the week of July 22 through July 27. The women all worked in non-managerial fast-food jobs.

EEOC sues retailer after diabetic worker is fired

Most Pennsylvania workers would expect to be fired if they were caught stealing from their employers, but they may think that they deserve some leniency if they were diabetic and the item involved was a can of soda or a candy bar used to stave off a hypoglycemic attack. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission advocates on behalf of workers who have been denied rights guaranteed by federal law, and in 2016 it successfully sued a national retail chain that fired a diabetic cashier after she suffered a hypoglycemic attack while on duty and took a small bottle of juice to restore her blood sugar levels.

Litigation financing could help workers in wage disputes

Litigation finance is a practice in which investors fund a lawsuit. If the case is successful, the investors are entitled to receive a certain amount of the award. If the defendants or plaintiffs lose their cases, they do not repay the funding. According to some legal experts, this practice may be used more often in future employment and labor cases in Pennsylvania and across the U.S.