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November 2016 Archives

Giving notice of FMLA leave

Employees in Pennsylvania have the right to take job-protected leave if they have a family or medical issue that requires time off from work. When an employer interferes with an employee's decision to take leave, the employer could be sued for discrimination under the Family and Medical Leave Act. One of the mistakes that an employer can make in regards to FMLA leave is failing to recognize an employee's need for FMLA leave.

Employers ignore religious accommodation laws at their peril

Pennsylvania employers may avoid costly litigation by being aware of their employees' legal rights as it relates to adhering to religious beliefs. A South Carolina company was taken to court by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission because it refused to hire through a temporary employment agency a Pentecostal women who refused to wear pants. She asked to be allowed to wear skirts because her religious beliefs required her to.

Retaliation against employees can be illegal

Pennsylvania workers who believe that their employers have violated their rights sometimes file complaints. When they do, some employers retaliate against them and fire, demote or punish them in another way. Retaliation against employees for asserting their rights is illegal under federal law.

Overtime law changes slated to become effective

Some white collar employees in Pennsylvania may be celebrating the fact that an important Department of Labor overtime change is ready to go into effect. Salaried workers earning at least $23,660 per year were previously considered exempt from being entitled to overtime pay for working in excess of 40 hours in a week of work. However, that threshold will be approximately twice as much as the change takes effect December 1, 2016.