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October 2017 Archives

How to take a stand against sexual harassment at work

Victims of sexual harassment in Pennsylvania or other American workplaces may be hesitant to report the harassing behavior. This is in part because they feel like the company may retaliate against them. It may also be difficult for those who witness sexual harassment to speak up about it. For some, talking about the issue is difficult because they aren't sure how to approach it without being offensive.

Disability discrimination affects employees, employers

Some Pennsylvania employees who have disabilities may be facing discrimination in the workplace. According to a study conducted by the Center for Talent Innovation of white-collar, college-educated, full-time employees, almost one-third of workers have a disability under the expanded federal definition. However, few identify themselves as such to their employers. For almost two-thirds of them, the disability is invisible.

Termination close to FMLA leave can be problematic

Pennsylvania employees who lose their jobs during or soon after taking family leave sometimes accuse their employers of retaliation. Negative actions taken toward employees when they request time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act might impose liabilities on employers even if an employee had been receiving poor job evaluations.